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SmartPi on 1-phase system

Any Idea ?

I see on the FAQ Application note for the ADE78XX family that there is an answer to my question :

Can a three-phase ADE IC be used for a single-phase application? Yes. It is possible to use a three-phase ADE IC for a single-phase application though not recommended. Three-phase ADE ICs are designed and tested for three-phase applications only. 
However, if you do need to use it for a single-phase application, then it is important to consider a few points. 
- If only one channel is to be used, then make sure that no signal enters through the other channels by grounding the inputs along with antialias filters. 
If all three channels are going to be used to monitor three individual loads at the same time, then it has to be understood that you will provide a common terminal for the voltage channels.

Is there any hardware conception in the board that prohibit common neutral for the 3 voltage channels ?

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