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Wifi access point / hotspot
(25.04.2019, 07:08)markobursic Wrote: Q1 :
I was trying to configure the RPi as WiFi access point as from this guide:

It doesn't work. How can I configure the Smart Pi as access point, preferably that it acts like hotspot?

Q2:  How can I configure the Smart Pi's ethernet interface with fixed IP address?

Q3: Is the max. size of Sqlite database set somewhere, so that it automatically purges the old records?

Logging of all possible measurements and calculations can be a burden for the SD card. I would like to monitor just voltage and current on a single phase system. It would be a nice feature to configure what measurements you would like to log - could be also a compiler directive. So that the built application creates a database of interested elements  only, as well the CSV export.

Q3: Only thing I have seen is that SmartPi creates a new sqlite db when entering a new month.

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