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Image too large
I downloaded the new image with version 0.9.1, but I cannot write it on a SD card.
I tried several SD cards of 16 Gbyte, but when I write the image on the SD card, it always said that I need more space.
I tried writing with Win32DiskImage and Etcher, they gave the same result.
It seems that most SD cards or not really 16 Gbyte, but only 15,5 Gbyte.
Is it possible to make the existing image smaller (for example 15 Gbyte) so it will fit any SD card of 16 Gb?
It's not easy. A colleague is trying it out.
We give feedback.
(14.08.2018, 10:38)jens Wrote: It's not easy. A colleague is trying it out.
We give feedback.

I succeeded to make the image 500 Mbyte smaller and now it fits on every SD card of 16 Gbyte, even the smaller ones with only 15,5 Gbyte available.
You can do it by writing the existing image to a larger SD card, f.i. 32 or 64 Gbyte and write the image to it.
Connect the SD card to an existing Linux environment like Ubuntu and use gparted. In this application you have to unmount the partition on the SD card and afterwards you can resize this unmounted partition to a smaller one. 
The last step is to make an image of this smaller SD card and you will see that the image file will be smaller.

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