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Make changes on SmartPi's webpage?
I am thinking to make some changes of smartpi's webpage that is publishing the measurements, how can i do this? 
I am a newbie on this but I want to learn how the smartpi webpage is built, do I need a specific framework or?
I hope someone can help me to get started.

best regards 

Change the code under /var/smartpi/www/.

You don't need other tools.

Please note: We are working on a new site, with completely different technology. This will then not be so easy to edit.

Best regards Jens
Thanks for the help.

Manage to make small change on the webpage by adding(added resistance in the same box where the current is shown) some code in index.html (/var/smartpi/www).
My goal is to add the resistance of the load I am measuring on the webpage.

Best Regards 


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