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  Understanding the data/code
Posted by: SuperQ - 26.04.2017, 17:11 - Forum: SmartPi - English - Replies (5)

I've been reading the code, trying to understand how/why everything works.  Mostly I've been going over main/reader.go and smartpi/ade7878.go.

I'm wondering if there is some additional documentation on all of the inputs and outputs.

I'm considering refactoring this code to make it easier to follow.  The big one is smartpi.ReadoutValues(), which returns a completely unformated slice of floats.  This should really be a struct, or broken up into several smaller sub-functions.

For example, in the main for{} loop of readout.go, there is a sub-loop that updates all of the current/voltage gauges (I think), but it ignores the cumulative counters every 5 seconds.

Then every 12 iterations (1min) it updates the database storage and two persistent cumulative counters.

Then it resets the value state for everything and starts the temporary cumulative counters over again.

Does this all sound correct?

I'm also wondering what unit these values are:

EB1: 1.116625  EB2: 0.0341316  EB3: 0.033458143  EL1: 0  EL2: 0  EL3: 0

One more question, it looks like there is no way to ignore disconnected phases, my apartment only has one phase, I can turn off voltage readings, but it appears to be counting some current against the cumulative counter on phases that are disconnected.

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  Data Download
Posted by: NoSpark - 26.04.2017, 15:29 - Forum: SmartPi - English - Replies (4)

Good day!  Smile

Thus far I am really enjoying my SmartPi!  I work as an engineer, and an old and senior one at that, for an electrical utility.  The concept of a smart meter really resonates with my fellow workers.  I have the SmartPi web (internet) facing so I really like to show it off around the office and during meetings!  Other engineers like to look at the data and try to figure out what appliances are operating.

Anyway, the only issue I have is with the display of data.  The Download or Table function works well when displaying a day or two of data, although it is a bit slow.  However, if I try to download two or three days the SmartPi stops responding to the web interface.   When it finally does produce the data I notice that the SmartPi has continued to collect data in the background and there is no gap in data continuity.

Two days ago I attempted to download about a month of data and apparently this locked up both the SmartPi Web interface and hung the data collection process resulting a loss of metering data for about 24 hours, that is when I was power cycled the to restart the SmartPi.

I have a 32GB SD card installed and all Raspbian and enerserve software is up to date.

My device is configured for a North American residential supply with a split phase 240 volt 60Hz system
My connections are:

L1 - L1 (120 v to Neutral [GND])
L2 - L2 (120 v to Neutral [GND])
L3 - Neutral [GND]
N - Neutral [GND]

L1 - L1
L2 - L2 
L3 - Not Connected (Open)
N - Not Connected (Open)

The data is not important to me yet, so this is just a user experience!

Thanks for a great product and your continuing support!


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  DIN rail install
Posted by: SuperQ - 26.04.2017, 14:09 - Forum: SmartPi - English - No Replies

Just to warm up the English section, here's some photos of my SmartPi install in a DIN rail case.

The case:

The PSU:

I very carefully modified the case to allow the SmartPi to be mounted.

I ended up doing some careful boring to drill out the mounting holes on my RPi and SmartPi board to allow for 3mm threading.  This worked better than the included 2.5mm standoffs because the case used 3mm mounting holes.

I used 18mm standoffs, but 20mm would also have worked.


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Posted by: jens - 26.04.2017, 13:42 - Forum: SmartPi - English - Replies (1)

Dear users,

Welcome to the SmartPi forum.
Here you can post questions, wishes, suggestions and ideas to the SmartPi.
Best regards Jens

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  Herzlich willkommen
Posted by: jens - 26.04.2017, 13:41 - Forum: SmartPi - Deutsch - Replies (1)

Liebe Benutzer,

herzlich willkommen im Forum zum SmartPi.
Hier könnt ihr Fragen, Wünsche, Anregungen und Ideen zum SmartPi posten.

Viele Grüße Jens

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