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New SmartPi Version 1.0.0 - jens - 12.06.2019


there is a new software version for the SmartPi.

We made a lot of changes in the background, which will soon lead to a new GUI.

These include

- Bugfixes
- Modbus server (Modbus slave functionality). Both RTU and TCP. (https://www.enerserve.eu/service/smartpi/manual/modbus.html)
- Beginning of the database migration to InfluxDB (in this version both the InfluxDB and the SQLite database are written to).
- Evaluation with Grafana possible (pre-installed in our image).
- Network configuration with RaspAP-WebGUI (https://www.enerserve.eu/service/smartpi/manual/networkconfiguration.html)
- Further values about MQTT (total power, meter readings consumption and production, energy production, energy consumption).
- Change MQTT QoS to 0 for faster data transfer.
- Sample rate can be changed via configuration file => [device] samplerate=1 every second; samplerate=4 every 250ms and sent via MQTT
- Changes for better compatibility with the beta cloud (http://beta.smartpi.eu).

The changes are very extensive. We therefore recommend that you use our ready-made image (http://files.enerserve.eu/smartpi/smartpi.7z).
Of course you can also install the software yourself. Then please follow our instructions (https://www.enerserve.eu/service/smartpi/manual/softwareinstallation.html).

Note that you must include your own repositories and download and install additional software directly.

Many greetings Jens