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SmartPi 2.0 PSU - markobursic - 19.10.2019

Dear Jens,

I am planning to install one another of your meter, but this time I would like to experiment with some RPi clone that has eMMC. I have found RPi doing its job very well for its price, but as I had posted, I did snapped off the SD card socket, and looking around on RPi forums, I am not the only one. So I would like to try with a RockChip variant of RPi. 

Now the first problem is, that I don't know if I would be able to downclock the clone, so that the PSU won't be overloaded. What I am asking you if there is a possibility to buy a SmartPi board without the Meanwell IRM-10-5 soldered. Looking at the PCB traces, I think you already had in mind to possibly install a more powerful PSU. 

So what I am asking you are one of the possibilities:
- You don't solder the PSU and you simply include in the package the IRM-10-5 unsoldered.
- You don't solder the PSU and the package comes without the IRM-10-5. 
- You solder a more powerful PSU (20W) that it can fit onto PCB, like Meanwell IRM-20-5

Regards, Marko.

RE: SmartPi 2.0 PSU - jens - 22.10.2019

Hello, Marko,

there are two possibilities:
1. you can simply remove the fuse and run the SmartPi via USB
2. we get an IRM-20-5 and solder it for you. That would cost 20€ extra.

Best regards, Jens