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Welcome - jens - 26.04.2017

Dear users,

Welcome to the SmartPi forum.
Here you can post questions, wishes, suggestions and ideas to the SmartPi.
Best regards Jens

RE: Welcome - Friedhero - 29.11.2017

Its a neat project with alot of possibilities.

It does lack however a guide and examples of what can be done with it. Eg screenshots.

A few ones can be found but I'm sure more has been done with it.

What would be really intrestring is a log or report with results of different setups. eg rspV2 works well but with these limits. The post DINrail is a good example.

- how much does the pi with the smartpi consume?

- Who had experience with power fails? The ones I had with the pi are not so good, since then I use a battery pack as ups, just in case.

- how busy is the pi? Definetly important if one wants to add more functionality to it.