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smartpi manual install
(08.01.2020, 11:20)jens Wrote: Hi, Tapio,

the smartpireadout process is not running. 
Try starting it with:

sudo /usr/local/bin/smartpireadout

I suspect there will be an I2C error message. This indicates a faulty cable connection between Raspberry Pi and smartpi module.

Greetings Jens

after my SDHC card got corrupted again, I had to reinstall my Smartpi + Ruuvi collector combination once again. This time I selected USB memory instead. It should be more reliable I was told.

Now I was motivated to do deeper debugging on why smartpireadout process does not run. As the /usr/local/bin/smartpi starts it as user pi, I manually ran /usr/local/bin/smartpireadout and noticed that it exited (panic) with message "access denied". It was not able to write to /var/run/smartpi_values, which is the default setting in /etc/smartpi right after installation I was able to read the configuration that is defined in the zip image, and there was the difference. The package defines another directory where user pi has write access. Below is the summary to make the manual install work:

vi /etc/smartpi
# This is the default after installation (sudo apt-get install smartpi). User pi does not have write access on this directory.
shared_dir  = /var/run
shared_file = smartpi_values

# This is how it is configured in the zip package - this works
shared_dir  = /var/tmp/smartpi
shared_file = values

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