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New softwareversion as package

there is a new software version for the SmartPi.

The most important changes in brief:
Integration of Node-Red for control and measured value acquisition

The package is only available as beta and can be downloaded here:

installation with sudo dpkg -i smartpi_0.6.7. deb

We would be happy to receive feedback on whether the installation works.
Especially with regard to the node-red installation via script at Jessie.

Greetings Jens
Hi Jens,

whithin the mail sent through Kickstarter you mentioned activation of the internal realtime clock.
Could you give us more information about this feature?

Thanks in advance,
Hello TriCX,

the SmartPi 2.0 has a battery-backed RTC on board. This means that the SmartPi can also be operated without an Internet connection, since the current time is retrieved from the RTC when starting.


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