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Red Jumper & Relay question
Hello all
I have just received my smart pi and reading through the manual I see there is no documentation regarding the red jumper provided in the assembly kit. I also notice that there are two pins that face outward next to the RS485 connection. I guess that the red jumper should go installed here, however I do not know what it is for. 

Another question I have is, what is the relay connection for? 
Hello, Luis,

The jumper is the terminating resistor for the RS485 bus.
Since we are not using the RS485 bus at the moment, the position does not matter.

Greetings Jens
Thanks for your answer Jens
Do you have any information regarding the relay connection?
The relay is connected to GPIO 18 and can switch approx. 1A and 230V. If a higher amperage is to be connected, a second relay has to be used.
In the NodeRed interface there is a relay node at the bottom.
Instructions for the node-red are coming. We are currently revising the homepage. Sorry we're not so fast with the documentation.

Greetings Jens

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