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i have smartpi2.
My electricty network consist of 3 phase and no Neutral conductor.
So onliy L1 L2 and L3.  3 times 230 Volt
How do i proceed for the connection to measure the voltage?
Also the values that i measure seems to be to high


No one?
I wile rephrase my question:
Is it possible to use Smartpi2 using only L1 L2 and L3 ?
If i make the connection to the voltage connector the smartpi will not power up.
No connection is made to the N pin off the voltage connector.
If i then connect a power supply the smartpi boots but the voltage U1 is 8Volt.

Hello Kemcomm,

L1 and N must be connected to operate the SmartPi from the mains. The integrated power supply is connected to the two points.
If you connect an external power supply via the USB port, it should be possible.
Can you tell me what kind of web you have (

Greetings Jens
Hello Jens

Tank you for the response.
OK about the external power supply. I lose some functionality but OK.
My web is TN-C-system.

Greetings Luc

Witch are the files that contain the calculations for current and power?

Thanks Luc
Hello Jens

where on the SD card can I find this file? I search for “.go” files and could not find it.
I have a “3-phase, 3-wire delta connection”.
According to Analog Device the ACCMODE Register , CONSEL must be set to 01.
How can I do this .

Hello Kemcomm,

there are no go source files on the sd-card. The source are available on github.
You have to download, change and compile the files. On github there are instructions for compiling. If you have problems to compile this, i can do it for you in the next few days.

Best regards Jens

According to Analog Device the ADE7878 has 2 configurations.
-3-Phase, 4-Wire, Wye Distribution Systems : that smartpi is using i think.
-and 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Delta Distribution Systems : this is the system i like to use.
There is a difference of 1,7320 in measurement. The values i measure are to high.
Is it possible to change the software so i can chose for the delta distribution system .
(ACCMODE Register , CONSEL must be set to 01.)

Greetings Luc

No one?
Can somebody explain me why the measurements i make are to high?
When i connect a water boiler (1800 to 2200 Watt) the smartpi indicates a consumption of nearly 4000 Watt. I can accept a small deviation but this this seems to be a big deviation.
Must I use 2 or 3 current transformers?
I have a 3 phase system and no neutral conductor.
Anny help?

Greetings Luc

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