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Hello Jens
i will try once more to explain my problem.
Do you agree that smartpi is designed to work in a 3 phase network with Neutral conductor like shown in attach. “sterschakeling” ?
Is it possible to make correct measurements on a 3 phase network without Neutral conductor like shown in attach. “driehoekschakeling” ?
3 phase wit no Neutral conductor is used here in Belgium.
Must there be a software change to make this possible ?
Can someone make this change in the software because in can not do it ?
If smartpi can not be used in a 3 phase network wit no Neutral then smartpi is useless for me.

Greetings Luc

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The week you get an answer

ok , i am patient  Smile.

Thank you for not answering , even one , of my questions.
This is very bad . Money down the drain .
I will trow this product in the bin . The raspberry is the only good thing on this product.
Very disappointing.

Greet Luc
I'll answer nicely.
If you remove the integrated Powerblock, it is possible to connect N with L2 and L1 with L1 and L3 with L3. Maybe it can be run without modifications.

Best regards.

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