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Voltage offset on phase 2 and 3

I installed today my smartpi and tried out the webinterface etc.
But I notice that phase 2 and 3 are always +10V offset with the real values.
See image attached.

This phenomenon is also the case in this article by Elektor:

A second remark is that I have installed solar panels on the first phase.
I see on my solar power converter for example 1500-2000Wh generated.
But on my first phase of the smartpi I see values of around -700 W which is quiet off.
The power consumers on this phase are neglectable.

Any solutions?

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Hi davidvb,

can you look into the csv file or the table and tell me the values.

Best regards Jens
(07.08.2017, 12:57)jens Wrote: Hi davidvb,

can you look into the csv file or the table and tell me the values.

Best regards Jens

Hi Jens,

I uploaded a CSV with data.
The extension is BMP but it is CSV data because I'm not allowed to upload CSV by the forum.
Also splitted into multiple files because max upload size is 500 kB.


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Did you measure that the values do not match the real values?

Greetings Jens

I have released you now, so that you can post without moderation
Hi davidvb,

I made the same experience. But if all Cos-Phi are positive (or all negative) by starting the SmartPi the U2/U3 values are around 235V for ever. If I start the SmartPi, when one phase has another Cos-Phi I expect the same wrong values (242V vs 235V) on U2 and U3 (as I restart the SmartPi in other circumstances).

Maybe there is a wrong initialization of some values if there is a mix of positive and negative Cos-Phi values?



can anyone with this problem times the attached file?
Please unpack the file and copy it into /usr/local/bin.
Kill the old process and start smartpireadout by hand.
It is best to set the loglevel in /etc/smartpi to info.
Please post the issues (not the first 3).

Best regards Jens

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.7z   smartpireadout.7z (Size: 2,75 MB / Downloads: 4)
Hi Jens,
I installed the version you attached and the voltages seems better now.
What changes are made in this new version?
Thanks, David
I have removed the use of the voltage values from the configuration file when the measured voltage is below 10 volts.

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